The University-Industry Partnership Conference That Comes to You 

Summit Summary

The University >< Industry Web-workshop Summit is a pre-recorded series for those interested in university-industry interactions. Through these sessions and associated tools, we have compiled a resource that new/tenured university relationship managers and stakeholders can use within their own companies to communicate the importance and to develop the capabilities to effectively interact with university partners. This format was chosen to provide a cost-effective option to include deeper discussion and expanded perspectives from leading experts and practitioners.

Session Topics

  • > Methods to Measure and Present U-I Impact That Actually Matters
  • > Connecting and Aligning with University-wide Industry Interface
  • > Effective Coordination and Management of Corporate Relations Through Research Centers and Industrial Consortium
  • > Smart Relationship Management Through Corporate and Campus Intelligence
  • > Evolving Corporate Philanthropy for the Future
  • > Gathering and Incorporating Feedback Into Your University Relations Strategy

24 Experts. 12 Hours of Video. 440 Pages 

proven tactics and strategies that you can use in your university partnership operations today

Ron Huss

AVP, Tech Transfer, Penn State University

Susan Labelle 

Director, Corporate Relations, University of Wisconsin

Anson Fatland

AVP, Econ Development, Washington State University

Steve Ellis

EVP, Head of Innovation, Wells Fargo

Andrew Lipstein

Head of Global Programs, Thomson Reuters Labs™

 Loreta Masicoli

Director of Corporate Giving, West Virginia University

Kate Tallman

AVP, Tech Transfer, University of Colorado

Wayne Johnson 

Director of Innovation Partnerships, Mass Insight

Mason Ailstock

COO, Research Triangle Park

Bob Sleeper

Licensing Manager, Engineering, Tech Launch Arizona

Todd Fenton

Librarian of Expert Systems, University of Minnesota

 Lisa Besemann

Manager, Tech Commercialization, University of Minnesota

Darren Fast

Director, Tech Transfer/Industry Partnerships, University of Manitoba

Ann Schmierer 

Director, Advantage Partnerships, Oregon State University

Lisa Dhar

Assoc. Director, Strategic Initiatives, University of Illinois-UC

Sita Pappu

Director, Office of Commercialization, Washington State University

Bob Lewis

Director, Tech Transfer, IPRIME, University of Minnesota

 Rick Huebsch

Assoc. Director, Tech Commercialization, University of Minnesota

Rob Lowe

CEO, Wellspring Worldwide

Jacob Johnson

Founder, innovosource

John Jackson

Mnager, Business Intelligence, Tech Launch Arizona

Brian Darmody

AVP, Corporate and Foundation Relations, Universty of Maryland

Nancy Smith

Director, Corporate Relations, Tech Launch Arizona

Dave Fecko

Industry Partnerships, Materials Research Institute, Penn State University

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