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Gap Fund and Accelerator Programs

The Community of Action for academic-affiliated innovation, proof of concept, startup, and venture gap fund and accelerator programs.

Founded in 2018, the Gap Fund and Accelerator Program Community of Action (GAP COA) is the resource for and by university, hospital, and research institution leaders looking to evolve active or to support new gap fund/accelerator programs.

This effort is backed by over 15 years of continued investigation and dedicated support of over 300 gap fund/accelerator program through the innovosource Mind the Gap initiative.


Bridging the Gap. Together.


Create and expand access to insights, tactics, and data to support program improvement and stakeholder development


Increase public/private awareness of the capital and support gap for university innovation and build consensus around gap funding/accelerator programs as a solution


Connect university translational research, proof of concept projects, and startups to sources of capital, talent, and commercialization partnerships

Focused on Fundamentals

  • Defining Gap Fund and Accelerator Program (GAP) Approaches
  • Raising and Staining GAP Funding
  • Communicating the Value, Need, and Expectations of GAP Programs
  • Coordinating GAP Programs with Campus Units and Priorities
  • Implementing Policies and Incentives (P&I) that Support GAP Programs
  • Managing Inventor Involvement in the GAP Process
  • Attracting and Collaborating with Commercial and Investment Partners
  • Evaluating Technologies and Startups for Grants and Investments
  • Structuring the Financing and Ownership of GAP Technologies and Startups
  • Cultivating GAP Talent, Mentorship, and Development Support Programs
  • Assessing and Reporting Impact and Performance Metrics

Benefit from Participation

  • Engage and network with peer institutions
  • Save resources and hours by leveraging community experience
  • $4,500 in immediate value from access to archived reports/events
  • Connect to new sources of investment and commercial partnerships


Mind the Gap Report

Ongoing organizational access to most recent iteration of this, now 15 years-strong, development guide to support current and aspiring fund that contains capital landscape review, program best practices, and impact measures (141 funds/84 universities) (View Report Description/Sample Here)

GAP Tactical Reports

Survey reports from membership on approaches to different facets of their program process and impact to-date

Emerging Topic Reports

Organizational access to periodic reports on topics like student venture funds, crowdfunding, private and public program partnering, university-industry collaboration


Model Review/Tactical Web-workshops

Emerging gap fund/accelerator showcases using a detailed review of structure, source of funds, process, support program and impact. Focus on specific program/process approaches to address challenges. (8/yr)

BRIDGE Industry Proof of Concept Program

Relationship-building program to connect universities and corporations through industry-funded proof of concept projects and other partnering opportunities

COVERGENCE Annual Summit

Annual summit for research institution gap fund/accelerator program leaders and corporate/investment partners. COA GAP members receive a complimentary registration (2020 Recap)

Events Archive

Full access to past presentations,  event recordings, and associated materials that can be shared throughout your organization (View a summary of some past events here)


COA Member Site

Online member forum, document and event archives, and member-member communication tools

Program/Process Documents

Repository of member documents related to their program or process such as gap fund program descriptions, advisory board structure, evaluation scorecards, pitch deck templates, impact reporting for leadership

Join Us.

Open to any research institution at any point in their gap fund/accelerator evolution. Whether you have managed a program for years, just started thinking about it, or have hit a roadblock, you will find a home here.

Single, annual organizational membership (Nov-Oct) with up to five active members

Under USD $300M Total Annual Research Expenditures=$1500/yr

Over USD $300M Total Research Expenditures=$2500/yr

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